Nursing grad returns to George Brown to run community COVID-19 vaccination clinic 

Rehan Ahmed graduated from George Brown’s Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing in the early days of the pandemic and two years later he returned to the college to run a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. 

A 2020 graduate of the Practical Nursing program, Rehan now works for the University Health Network (UHN) as an interim clinical manager running mass COVID-19 vaccination clinics across Toronto. He’s led clinics for large organizations such as MaRS, BMO and now, George Brown College. 

Nursing alumnus Rehan Ahmed

George Brown hosted a vaccination clinic at the School of Design at Waterfront Campus January 31 to February 13 where hundreds of people from the college and the greater community received their first, second and third shots. 

“Running a vaccination clinic at George Brown did bring back some memories,” Rehan said. “It was exciting to have the community there and help them get vaccinated.” 

Rehan is passionate about the role he’s playing in protecting the community from COVID-19, which includes running large clinics and more localized efforts. 

“What’s driving me in terms of the clinics is the reward you get from helping people get vaccinated who wouldn’t usually be able to," he said. “We help with outreach to people who are marginalized. We help homebound people, and we do different types of clinics to help people get the vaccine. It’s been something I’ve been very passionate about – helping everyone get vaccinated.” 

Technology and training to prepare student nurses for health care careers 

Part of the reason Rehan chose to study nursing at George Brown was because of technology, specifically the Simulation Centre, which lets students practice real-world situations in a safe learning environment. The exercises prepared Rehan well for his clinical placements in Toronto hospitals, he said. 

George Brown is currently the only college, nursing school and simulation centre in Canada to be accredited by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare in the area of teaching and education. 

“The Simulation Centre really helped with those real-life experiences," he said. “The scenarios played out are very realistic and they help to get you doing some critical thinking and I found that very helpful.” 

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