Alumni Stories

Employers perceive George Brown as producing the highest quality graduates when compared to the other GTA colleges.
– Employer Research, Northstar Research Partners, July 2008.

The George Brown College School of Health and Wellness has earned a reputation as a premier educator in the field of health and wellness. Our well-prepared graduates have made rewarding careers as:

  • Prosthetic-Orthotic Technicians
  • Hearing instrument specialists
  • Activation coordinators (in day centres, community centres, nursing homes, retirement homes, community-based service agencies)
  • Health promotion specialists
  • Exercise therapists
  • Fitness programmers
  • Facility managers
  • Personal trainers

Our alumni benefit from George Brown’s connections with a broad network of health sector organizations and agencies – both during and after their studies. Once in the workforce they have the luxury of choosing between self-employment or salaried employment within a variety of organizations, from rehabilitation clinics to community centres. No matter what their destination after leaving George Brown College’s School of Health and Wellness, the one common thread is their ability to collaborate with other professionals as members of health-care teams.

Comments from our graduates

Brian Grant, Activation Co-ordinator/Gerentology (2009)

Brian Grant

“George Brown’s Activation Coordinator/Gerontology program is an incredible combination of a very skilled faculty and a well designed program of field placement”, says Brian Grant - a recent graduate of the 2 year program.

“Gerontology is an exciting and growing field. I am truly grateful that George Brown offers such a program – it has helped me be in an area that is personally rewarding and almost unlimited in terms of career opportunities”.

Jade Woodruffe, Activation Co-ordinator/Gerentology (2004)

Jade Woodruffe

"I've always enjoyed being around older people," says Jade Woodruffe. "I've been told that I have a natural connection with seniors, much more so than most people my age."

"The teachers were really knowledgeable about the physical and mental effects of aging, and how to communicate respectfully and professionally with seniors," she says. "The facilities were top-of-the-line, and the field placements immersed us in a variety of eldercare environments right off the bat."

Louis Busch, Behavioural Science Technology (Intensive) (2007)

Louis Busch Alumni

“Through my placements, I really got a full array of experiences with different diagnosis and disorders, as well as a mix of age groups. The program moves quickly and there is much to learn”.

He loves what he’s doing now. “The best thing is how much it changes. Every day is new. I have freedom. I design data collection systems and write intervention programs. I meet new people all of the time. I get bored easily so this is the perfect job for me,” he says. 

Gina Faubert, Fitness and Lifestyle Management (1998)

Gina Faubert

“I'm a better yoga and pilates instructor because I have that fundamental understanding of the body I learned at George Brown.”

“Seeing people feel good is the most rewarding part of my job; whether it's helping them manage stress, lose weight or deal with chronic pain. It's about making a difference in their lives.”

Orna Wolfe, Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program

"As a graduate of the F&LM Program, I have had an opportunity to work in four different sectors of the industry: community, commercial and clinical as well as privately as a personal trainer. As a manager, I know that anyone hired from George Brown College's Fitness Program has always excelled. They bring with them job-ready skills, a wealth of knowledge and good client-service skills. Most applicants from the program are the best candidates for the job. We usually hire them on the spot!"