WAVE Dental Clinics COVID-19 Procedures

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The following are procedures and processes for the WAVE Clinic:

Patient Registration Information:

  • To register for an appointment, new patients must register

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an anticipated high volume of calls, we recommend patients use our online registration form for faster service.

  • All new and existing patients must pre-register for an appointment
  • Only those patients who have been assigned to a student and have a confirmed appointment will be seen

PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that clients who register will be granted an appointment during the Fall Semester. It may take several months to be assigned to a student.  

COVID-19 Screening & Onsite Safety Process:

Prior to arrival

  • Prior to the scheduled appointment, all patients will be screened via telephone by their student provider.
  • All patients who have a confirmed appointment will be screened for COVID-19 upon arrival to client services.
  • All patients will be provided a mask when they arrive for screening. Clients must wear a face mask at all times once in the clinics except during the treatment process.
  • All patients are advised to follow good hand hygiene while on campus. Hand sanitizing stations are available at the entrance to the WAVE Clinic.
  • All patients feeling ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or any other acute illness must reschedule their appointment.
  • All patients who screen probable for COVID-19 will not be treated or allowed to return to the WAVE Clinic until they have met the Toronto Public Health Guidelines.
  • Any patient who requires an accommodation may be accompanied by one individual.
  • Please inform the student or staff of any required accommodation at the time of the appointment booking.
  • Accompanying individuals will also be screened for COVID-19 and will be required to wear a mask and follow all safety protocols such as good hand hygiene in the Clinics.
  • Attendants will wait outside the Clinic in the reception area unless absolutely required.

Upon arrival

  • We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to accommodate the screening process.
  • Upon arrival to the 3rd floor client reception area, please hand sanitize. Please click here for instructions on how to properly rub your hands while sanitizing.
  • You will be checked in by a client services representative.
  • You will be provided a mask and we ask that you always wear a mask in the Clinic except when being treated. Please click here for instructions on how to properly wear a face mask.
  • A client services representative will ask you to complete COVID-19 screening.
  • Upon successful screening (results are negative), your assigned student will greet you in the reception area and escort you directly to the Clinic.
  • Patients with a positive secondary screening will be dismissed from the WAVE Clinic Reception and will have their appointment rescheduled. All positive screening patients should follow Toronto Public Health guidelines.
  • Please expect to pay for your treatment in advance of your appointment during the WAVE Clinic Registration process.
    • We currently only accept debit and credit card payments.
    • We do not accept cash or personal cheques.
  • Patients who arrive late may have their appointments rescheduled.
  • Upon completion of the appointment, patients will be asked to hand sanitize and wear a mask until they have exited the Clinic and/or client services.
  • If you become ill with COVID-19 within 10 days after your appointment, please contact us at:
    ​​​​​​WAVE Clinic Client Services