International Students Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below that apply specifically to International Students. For the complete FAQ please refer to the FAQ page.

1. What if I do not get my Visa?

Students who do not receive their Visa to enter Canada are to provide official written documentation to the residence indicating that they have not received permission to enter the country. Once verification is received all fees paid less an administration fee will be refunded in the form of mailed certified cheque. Funds generally take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive.

2. Can students pay via wire transfer?

Yes, International students can pay via wire transfer. In the housing portal, when you arrive to the payment options, instructions on how to make a wire transfer to the Residence will be available. It is important that International students do not pay their fees via transfer into their GBC account, as the Residence has a separate account, and funds paid to their GBC account could potentially go towards other fees.

3. Airport Pickups?

Currently there is no airport pickup provided, however our front desk is open 24 hours a day and is able to receive students at any time while also providing support over the phone/email if students have questions. The residence is very accessible from the airport, as the Union Pearson Express will connect to options for bus, taxi, and nearby streetcar to the Residence.

4. Are there specific “International Communities” in Residence?

Our programming hinges on inclusivity and will address the needs of all students. Some programming and activities may be more applicable to the International community and will celebrate the diversity within Residence. We do not assign rooms or locate residents based on their international status. 

5. Can I stay for 12 months?

Yes, while our “Academic Term” agreement is from September to April, students are asked in early March of each year if they would like to stay over the Summer Term (from May to August). No further security deposit fees are required to stay over the summer term, and fees are reduced with monthly payment options available - please visit the Rates and Payment Options page for more detail. Students will likely be asked to move to a new room once their exams are completed to ensure all students are located together. Students do not need to be taking classes over the summer to qualify as a summer student, but do need to be a registered student between terms.

6. Are there Residence spaces for students who arrive in January?

We do offer residence spaces to students who begin studies in January; however, spaces are often very limited. If you are interested in arriving in January please contact the residence directly.