Residence Withdrawal & Cancellation Fees - Appeals

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We do have processes in place to review special circumstances which may be eligible for exception to our cancellation policy.

We ask for supporting documentation to verify your circumstances which demonstrate a particular challenge, hardship, or condition that contributed to your decision to withdraw. Certain circumstances may have grounds for appeal, and merit some exception to being held financially responsible to the cancellation policy in Student Residence Agreement.

We adhere to the following guidelines to support our endeavours of being consistent when reviewing appeals;

  • Medical conditions
  • Exceptional circumstances, which could not have been reasonably foreseen by the student
  • Academic regulations or amendments, not based on academic performance

Please note: Academic performance in itself is not a viable exception to merit waiving or decreasing cancellation fees, but the causal factors which may have presented a barrier could be eligible for appeal.

How to submit an appeal

To submit an appeal for consideration of the cancellation fees, please email a Statement of Appeal to Marc Athanas, General Manager, at ​Appeals are reviewed on a monthly basis. You should expect to hear back with a decision about your appeal during the last week of each month.

Information to include in your appeal:

  • The appeal must be authored by the student (first-person account). We will not accept third party statements of appeal, i.e., parents, roommates, friends.
  • Please include your full name, student number and email address.
  • Provide a brief statement of appeal that demonstrates the reason why you believe an exception to our policy is warranted. Please review the guidelines stated above.
  • Attach supporting documentation to verify the circumstances.