Ten Thousand Coffees Terms of Use – GBC Connect Café

Terms of Use

The Ten Thousand Coffees GBC Connect Café is an optional networking platform offered to George Brown College (GBC) alumni, students, faculty, staff and members of the extended GBC Community.

Please be aware that by registering to use this system, you are consenting to share information with a range of other individuals within the GBC Connect Cage and Ten Thousand Coffees system and that your personal information will be stored in a cloud system outside of Canada. The personal information collected may include but is not limited to name, email address, resume details, past work experiences, current work positions, educational background, and other aspects of your professional or career profile. Most profile information is optional. As a user, you can choose what information you would like to submit to the system.

GBC will not share your personal information outside of GBC unless permitted by law, but may share it with GBC departments or units who wish to contact you about your engagement with the College. GBC System Administrators may also collect basic analytics about the use of the Ten Thousand Coffees GBC Connect Cafe to expand or develop our service to users. Please refer to GBC Information Technology Policy Statement and GBC Privacy Policy Statement for more information on the collection, storage and use of information.

All users of the GBC Connect Cafe are expected to act in ways consistent with GBC policies, including GBC GA 01 Human Rights Discrimination and Harassment Policy. Each member of the college community is responsible for helping to create an environment that promotes mutual respect and understanding for the dignity and rights of others. System administrators reserve the right to remove content and user profiles deemed in violation of this. Students using the GBC Connect Cafe are governed by GBC Code of Non-Academic Student Behaviour.

Should you have any questions related to the Ten Thousand Coffees GBC Connect Cafe, please contact Amanda Soriano, Digital Engagement and Multimedia Specialist, at amanda.soriano@georgebrown.ca.