Class note-taking

Some students require assistance in taking notes in class, particularly in classes where there are a lot of lectures. George Brown uses a service called Note Taking Express for many students who require class notes. If you require the service, your Consultant will arrange for you to be trained. In some classes it may be preferable to have another student take notes for you. Your Consultant will discuss these options with you.

Recording lectures

It may be helpful for you to record some of your class lectures so that you can listen to them again after class.
Remind your professors that you will be recording the lecture (as stated on your Student Accommodation Form). You may be asked to turn off the recorder during class discussion time.

Loan of recording devices and digital pens

If you don't have your own recording device, you can borrow one from Accessible Learning Services. Digital or smartpens are also available to help you transcribe your notes to a tablet or smartphone.

Textbooks in alternative format—large-print, audio, PDF or Braille materials

You may require your study materials to be in an alternative, accessible format. Your consultant can advise you about the best way to obtain accessible materials for your courses.