Your accommodation plan is unique to you

Accommodations are supports which reduce or eliminate disability-related so that you can achieve your academic goals.

Accommodations don't modify academic standards or change the core requirements of a program. Information related to your disability and accommodations is shared only with your consent. No information related to your disability appears on your academic transcript or on the Accommodation Plan.

How the accommodation plan is made

You and your Accessibility Consultant will discuss your learning needs and determine your accommodations based on your specific disability, the documentation you provide, and the expectations of your program.

This process will result in an Accommodation Plan. Your Consultant will send your Accommodation Plan to your professors or you can choose to deliver it yourself.

During your course of study, your accommodations may need to be reviewed or revised depending on the demands of specific courses, field placements and other factors. Your Consultant will discuss this with you.

General accommodations

All George Brown students with disabilities can access the following accommodations:

  • reduced course loads
  • additional time for tests and exams—usually time and a half

Course content accommodations

Depending on your disability and learning needs, you may be eligible for other accommodations:

  • class note-taking
  • recording lectures
  • loan of recording devices and Livescribe Pens
  • textbooks in alternative format (large-print, audio, PDF or Braille materials)

Specialist service accommodations

  • Learning Strategists
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Deaf/hard of hearing/deaf-blind specialists
    • Computerized Notetaker
    • Interpreter
    • Intervenor