Important Dates for Graduates

Important Graduation and Convocation Dates for: Fall 2019, Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 terms

Description Fall 2019 Term Winter 2020 Term Spring 2020 Term
Transcripts Available with Graduation status:
Check your CAPP report on STU-VIEW to ensure you have graduated.
January 3 April 29 August 26
Update your Address and Phone Number:
To receive your credential in the mail please ensure that we have the most up to date address for you. You can update your address online on STU-VIEW or by visiting the Student Service Centre.
January 8 July 17 September 4
Notification of Not Eligible to Graduate status:
If you have a CAPP report that is not met, a "not eligible to graduate" status will be entered on your record. We will notify you by email to your George Brown and Personal email. Any questions regarding this status should be directed to your academic department.
January 9 May 19 September 14
Application to Graduate:
If your CAPP report does not show a Credential Status of Potential Graduate and you are in the final semester of your program, you must apply to graduate. Applications received after the deadline will be processed after the credentials are mailed or after the Convocation ceremonies for the Winter term graduates. See here for the on-line Application to Graduate
January 9 May 19 September 14
Financial Holds:
All outstanding fees must be paid in order to receive your credential. If you clear your outstanding balance after this date, e-mail and we will mail your credential.
January 8 June 4 September 4