Alumni Stories – Kyle and Cody Craig

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Human Resources Management Program

Kyle Craig
Graduate, 2010
Human Resources Management

Cody Craig
Graduate, 2010 
Human Resources Management

North Bay-born twins Kyle (left) and Cody Craig have done most things together. They moved to Toronto together to study architecture at the University of Toronto, both decided a year into the program that they’d rather pursue a career in another field, and both were immediately interested in the sociology courses they were taking.

“It was just more interesting to learn about the personal side of things - the way we learn and are socialized,” says Cody. Moreover, they were keen on finding a career path that had them working with people rather than sitting behind a drafting table. “We thought about what kind of job would really allow us to manage the resources of human capital,” says Kyle. After completing a Bachelor of Arts, the two enrolled in George Brown College’s Human Resources Management post-graduate program to specialize in the field.

“George Brown got us to interact with companies and involved us with real industry people working in management when doing the assignments,” said Kyle. “What we’ve found in this career so far is that we were given entrenched and transferrable skills.”

Take, for example, one of the most memorable projects the two worked on during their year in the program: a training needs analysis for the Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario. “They ended up using the analysis for the organization itself,” says Cody.

After gaining relevant experience during their co-ops, both Kyle and Cody were employed as Health & Safety Administrators with Plan Group Inc. Both have progressed their careers at Plan Group and now work as Health & Safety Coordinators.

Cody and Kyle’s advice for success:
Pay attention to what your instructors are trying to convey. The courses are very practical, and a lot of the skills will provide you a solid base to start your career. Ask as many questions as you can—because professors are more than happy to answer them.