Alumni Stories – Divya Mishra

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Human Resources Management

Graduated 2012

Divya Mishra is well-acquainted with the ins and outs of changing career plans. Not just because she works in the field of human resources, but because before starting out at George Brown College, she herself had gone through the experience, twice.

Soon after studying zoology and biology at the University of Lucknow, India and graduating with a bachelor of science, she went on to work in customer care at an American Express outlet close to home.

“At first I joined only to cover personal expenses,” she says, “but my experiences with HR there inclined me towards the field.” The job also sparked her interest in employment law. After some thought, a big move from India to Canada, and plenty of online research, Mishra decided to apply to George Brown College’s post-graduate certificate program in Human Resources Management as an international student.

“In researching programs, I found that organizations like to hire George Brown College students because of the practical knowledge they gain in their internships.”

While this was certainly the case for Divya—she found her four-month placement as a staffing assistant at the University Health Network essential to landing a full-time job at Teleperformance Canada after graduation—she also found that her experiences on campus also exceeded her expectations. George Brown College was where she first started working after moving to Canada, as a peer notetaker, and her professors were particularly helpful in orienting her to academic surroundings such as working in new essay formats. Her best memory, though? Winning a $2,000 international student scholarship for her academic record and being involved in campus community life. “I still remember that moment and will cherish it all my life.”

Divya’s Advice For Success
Start working on your resume from day one, and always attend class—learning in class is way better than learning from books at home. And get involved in your school organizations and activities! George Brown College has always kept its students engaged and involved. Rewards and recognition strategies at George Brown were exceptional, which ended up being applicable to my current job as an employment engagement specialist.”