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How do I use Eduroam or the college wireless network (wi-fi)?


The college provides wireless internet access in our campus buildings. There are two primary networks that cater to different user groups.

1. For George Brown students, staff, and faculty

Eduroam provides connectivity and access to college resources including shared drives, intranet portals, and more.

Choose 'eduroam' from the list of available wi-fi networks on your device. Log in using your college email address (example and password.

You can also connect using the eduroam app.

Note that Eduroam also provides you with wi-fi access at participating educational institutions worldwide. Find out more at the Eduroam website.

2. For visitors

GBC-Public provides connectivity to campus visitors.

Choose 'GBC-Public' from the list of available wi-fi networks on your device. Enter your name and email address for temporary access to the internet. No other authentication is required.

Please note that by logging into these networks, you are acknowledging that you accept, and will comply with, the college information technology policies.

For more information, see How to connect to George Brown College wi-fi.

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