CAPP Credential Evaluation

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Curriculum Advising & Program Planning (CAPP) Evaluation

Q. What is a CAPP Credential Evaluation?

A. CAPP (Curriculum Advising & Program Planning) is a tool that helps evaluate your progress against the program requirements.
You can create a credential evaluation, view results and print these results using this tool. Use this to ensure you are on track for graduation.
Evaluations are based on the one program you are currently registered in and are not official.

Q. Can I always see an updated report?

A. New CAPP Evaluations are available throughout the semester. During grading and promotions at the end of term, you will not be able to request a new report due to continual updates to your academic record. New evaluations will be available 10 business days after the end of term.

Q. Where do I find the CAPP report?

A. You can access this report through Stu-View, log in then select Credential Audit from the list.
Note: Not all programs are available for CAPP review. Also, you must be registered in this term or in the last year to access this report.

Q. How do I know what each item means?

A. CAPP Terminology - read this document for various Terminology & definitions (document opens in new window).

Q. Is this an official copy of my transcript or grade report?

A. No. You are advised to use this evaluation as a guide. The Credential Evaluation Report is an extremely useful tool, and we suggest you use it liberally and seek advising for missing requirements as soon as possible.
See the FAQ for Official Transcripts.

Q. What if I think my evaluation is not correct?

A. If you have questions about your evaluation, please consult your Academic Department. This evaluation is based upon the program and the Academic Calendar you selected for evaluation.