6 things to know about group insurance as a GBC Alumni member

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Saved

Thanks to inflation, supply shortages, and the rising cost of goods, everything is getting more expensive. But when it comes to car and home insurance, one call can change it all. That’s because, as a George Brown College alumni member, you qualify for exclusive discounts.

Before you pick up the phone and discover how much group members like you can save on car and home insurance, take a moment to learn about the many benefits of group insurance with Economical Insurance®:

1. It costs less

Group insurance is where an employer or association has an exclusive contract with an insurance carrier to provide coverage for their members. In this case, GBC has partnered with Economical Insurance to offer you exclusive rates on home and car insurance. Because the overall cost is spread out across GBC alumni, everyone gets a lower rate than they would individually.

2. You’re eligible for it

If you’re reading this, it means you qualify for a “members only” discount arranged by people you know and trust – your alma mater. Knowing exactly what our students and alumni need, GBC has done the research and we’re confident Economical has options you could benefit from.

3. It’s quality insurance

Economical is a leading Canadian property and casualty insurance company with roots going back to 1871. Our group division has been partnering with hundreds of organizations like GBC for more than 25 years, providing around-the-clock service and claims guarantees that are best in class.

4. We may find even more savings for you

When you call for a quote, we’ll ask you a few questions about things like your driving record, if you have a security system in your car or house, or if you’re mortgage-free. Your answers could save you even more money — in addition to your group’s discount.

5. Family members may also be eligible

You might not be the only one in your household who can benefit. Your spouse, common-law spouse (i.e., you’ve lived together for more than three years), or dependents under 25 years old may also qualify for your group discount. Be sure to ask us!

6. It’s easy to make the switch

A lot of people end up staying with the same insurance company for years purely by default, but it’s well worth looking into your group’s offering. After all, you’ll save money, and it takes only a few minutes to get a quote!

Your home and car insurance shouldn’t be a source of financial stress. With a quick call, you can receive a personalized quote and get on the fast track to boosting your savings with a reduced rate.


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