Accessibility for Employees

Emergency Preparedness

Employees with disabilities are entitled to request an individualized emergency plan.  To make a request, contact your Manager.  For more information on this procedure, view the Emergency Evacuation Planning and Procedures. Also, to find more information on emergency preparedness and guidelines, view the College’s webpage on it.

Workplace Accommodations

Employees with disabilities are entitled to workplace accommodations.  To make a request contact your Manager.  For more information on this procedure view the Human Resources Policy on Accommodation.

The Human Resources Professionals Association as part of an EnAbling Change partnership with the Government of Ontario produced six short videos in the Harold Jeepers’ Collection that addresses some of the requirements of the AODA Employment Standard.  The videos are designed to assist employers understand their obligations under the AODA Employment Standards.  For more information regarding these requirements please contact the AODA Coordinator

AODA Employment Standard Videos

Part 1: Developing and Documenting Individual Accommodation Plans


Part 2: Keeping Accessibility Needs and Plans in Mind


Part 3: Accessible Formats & Communication Supports


Part 4: Workplace Emergency Response Information


Part 5: Recruitment & Informing Employees of Supports


Part 6: Facilitating Return to Work