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Parking Your Car or Bicycle

  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Cars: make sure doors are locked and leave windows closed. Avoid leaving valuables in vehicle and conceal valuables to hide them from plain sight.
  • Bicycles: Register your bicycle, with the police. This service is available at your Campus Security office. If your bicycle is stolen, report it to police and security immediately. Bicycles, folding bikes, Scooters, Segways, Roller Blades and Skateboards are not allowed inside the College, and it is important to secure your mode of transportation properly. Use a good quality lock such as a hardened steel "U" shaped lock or a hardened steel chain and padlock; you may want to bring more than one lock. Do not bring an expensive bike to school. Lock your bicycle and both wheels to an immovable object which cannot be easily cut or broken.

Going Home in the Evenings

Aim for well-lit streets. The TTC Request Stop Service allows riders travelling alone at night, between 9pm and 5am, the opportunity to be dropped off between stops. In your car or on foot, if encountering suspicious person, immediately attract attention or “HONK”/ use panic button on car fob. Have your keys ready in your hand and your cell phone ready for use.

Online Bullying and Bullying through Social Media

If you are a target of online bullying or bullying through social media please submit your complaint to Campus Security at 416-415-4000 and Toronto Police at 416-808-2222 (extension '0' for Communications) or Ontario Provincial Police toll-free at 1-888-310-1122.

Preventing Physical and Sexual Assault

Avoid dimly lit and low traffic areas. Be assertive. Trust your instinct. Be aware of what is happening all around you. If someone you know has threatened to cause bodily harm to themselves or has behaved violently towards others, contact Police: 911, or if calling from a college phone, dial 9-911. Do not challenge the attacker or invade their personal space.

Residence Safety

Refer unknown or suspicious persons to building Security. Do not allow entrance of unknown persons. If you suspect a break-in, use a neighbours’ phone to call police. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and ‘Vertical Watch’ programs help building residents mutually create security awareness in residential areas. If you are experiencing domestic violence please call security.

Community Partnerships Contact Information

  • Toronto Crime Stoppers (to leave anonymous tips): (416) 222-8477
  • Toronto Police Non-emergency: (416) 808-2222
  • Ontario Provincial Police: (416) 235-4981
  • Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: (416) 597-8808
  • Ontario Victim Support Line: (416) 314-2447

Note: This information is courtesy of the Public Safety & Security Division at George Brown College.

“System-wide Security in Concert with System-wide Safety.”