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Employee Information
College Main Locations:
Please issue above employee card access DURING/BEYOND NORMAL COLLEGE HOURS to the following:
Other Campus Buildings:
Issuance of Access Card


I understand and agree that the access card issued upon approval of this request is the property of the College and I further acknowledge responsibility and accountability for the card. I will report loss or theft of the card to the Access Control Specialist – Public Safety & Security immediately and to my department head. I also understand that the access card is issued for my exclusive use and may not be duplicated, loaned or used to allow any unauthorized person into a controlled area. I further understand and agree that my full cooperation will be expected during any investigation concerning a security matter that might have occurred in a controlled facility during a time when my presence in the facility has been recorded by the system. I further agree to remain knowledgeable of and abide by the College’s Access Control policy while in possession of the card, and I understand that any violations of this policy may result in revocation of access card use and/or disciplinary action.