I have International Education

  • Transfer credits will be considered for an instituiton outside Canada.  The following is required:

    Education Completed in the United States

    • Official Transcript
    • Basic or Institutional Evaluation
    • Course Outline

    Education completed outside Canada (other than United States)

    • A course by course or comprehensive transcript evaluation
    • Translated course outlines – it must be an official Translations

    Evaluations may be obtained through:

    It is recommended that you start the credential assessment process as early as possible as it can take time to complete your application and receive the assessment.  Please give yourself 2-3 months prior to the transfer credit application deadline to obtain an assessment.

    Please Note:  Credential evaluations that have been obtained for Citizenship and Immigration Canada are not accepted for transfer credit applications.

    Course Outline

    A course outline must be attached to your application for each course you wish to have assessed as equivalent to a George Brown course.  If the outline is not in English, it must be accompanied with an official translation.

    If you are not able to obtain a course outline, you can consider receiving credit through  Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR).

    More Information

    How to Apply

    All applications for transfer credit must be submitted through Stu-view.