I have International Education

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Transfer credits will be considered for an institution outside Canada.  The following is required:

Education Completed in the United States

  • Official Transcript
  • Basic or Institutional Evaluation
  • Course Outline

Education completed outside Canada (other than United States)

  • A course by course or comprehensive transcript evaluation
  • Translated course outlines – it must be an official Translations

Evaluation Services

Evaluations may be obtained through:

It is recommended that you start the credential assessment process as early as possible as it can take time to complete your application and receive the assessment.  Please give yourself 2-3 months prior to the transfer credit application deadline to obtain an assessment.

Education verification from educational institutions in China may be delayed due to a disruption of service.  If you completed education in China and are considering applying for transfer credits in Spring or Fall, it is recommended that you begin the education evaluation process early.  For more, see notice on the CHESICC site.

Please Note:  Credential evaluations that have been obtained for Citizenship and Immigration Canada are not accepted for transfer credit applications.

Course Outline

A course outline must be attached to your application for each course you wish to have assessed as equivalent to a George Brown course.  If the outline is not in English, it must be accompanied with an official translation.

If you are not able to obtain a course outline, you can consider receiving credit through  Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR).

How to Apply

All applications for transfer credit must be submitted through Stu-view.