George brown Career Fair

What is a Career Fair?
Career Fair is an opportunity for you to share potential career opportunities with students and alumni, as well as meet your recruiting needs in the fall. Some employers also come with current openings for internships, co-op placements and post graduation positions. Typical positions if available include permanent contract, full-time, part-time summer and post graduation. The students attending this Fair are looking to network for job opportunities. 

Who can I expect to meet?
We currently have 2500 students enrolled in our Building Technology Programs and 850 students enrolled in our IT and Technology Programs. These students are from disciplines such as Construction, Architecture, HRAC, Building Renovation/Restoration, Mechanical Engineering, Tool & Die, and Information Technology, including Wireless and Health Informatics.

How are booths assigned at the Fair?
Booth assignments are done based on order of registration. The earlier your registration is received, the better location you will receive. Booths are not grouped according to type of organization or type of job opportunities; part of the reason for this is to encourage students to visit other companies, who they may not realize also have positions suited to their education and training.

Can I ship booth materials ahead of time or after the Fair?
Participants may ship display units and materials two (2) days prior to the Fair to the attention of:

Industry Liaison Office – Industry & Events Officer 
Room E208
Casa Loma Campus, George Brown College
160 Kendal Avenue
PO Box 1015, Station B
Toronto, ON  M5T 2T9
Tel: (416) 415-5000 x4919

Technology Career Fair