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Congratulations on securing a co-op placement. You must complete the form below to submit your co-op placement details. The Field Education Office will provide you with written notice when your co-op placement details are approved.

Important Note: The end date of your co-op work term must align with the last day of the academic semester (term end date) your co-op course is registered in. Refer to the college’s Important Dates for additional details.

Confirmed Co-op Details:

Student Information

International Student Experiential Learning Agreement

This agreement is issued to clarify the terms and conditions under which international students enrolled at the School of Computer Technology at George Brown College, are permitted to engage in full-time employment as part of their Experiential Learning semester.

1. Eligibility for Full-Time Employment:
International students may engage in full-time employment directly related to their field of study. Students may start working full-time during the break - starting from the end date of the semester they have recently completed, and before the official start date of the upcoming co-op semester. This full-time work is allowed from an immigration policy standpoint provided students meet the conditions to work off campus in their study permit. Between the official co-op semester dates, students can continue to engage in full-time employment under the co-op work permit. 

2. Conditions of Full-Time Employment:
All full-time employment must:

  • Be directly related to the student’s area of study.
  • Be verified and documented by the School of Computer Technology’s Field Education Office and/or the Associate Dean.
  • Students need to be registered in the CRN for WIL course.
  • In cases where students complete the required hours earlier than the official semester end date, please note that they will NOT be awarded early graduation status. 

3. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR):
Students may choose to utilize the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process to receive academic credit for previous, relevant work experiences of 360 hours or more. More information on the PLAR process is available on the PLAR website. Additionally, students are required to register and complete the Work-Integrated Project (WIP) course in the third semester, while awaiting PLAR approval to ensure they have completed an experiential learning course in case the PLAR request is denied.

4. Impact of PLAR on Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP):
International students are advised that choosing to use PLAR may affect the duration of eligibility for their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Please contact the International Student Services office to understand immigration regulations and PGWP eligibility. 

6. Acknowledgement and Agreement:
By agreeing to these conditions, the student acknowledges and agrees to the conditions set forth regarding full-time employment and the use of PLAR. The student recognizes the potential impact of these decisions on their status and future work permit eligibility in Canada.

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