Program Codes and Statuses Defined

What is a program code?

A program code is made up of a letter and 3 numbers and is a shorthand reference to a program’s full name. Wherever you see a program listed throughout our website, you’ll see its accompanying program code. For example: Culinary Management Program (H100)

How to read a program code

Program codes are made up of a letter and a number. The letter represents which Academic Centre the program belongs to while the number represents the credential that a student will obtain upon graduating. For example, H100 is a diploma program in our Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

What does your program code mean?

Use the charts below to determine what your program code means.

Academic Centre

  • Arts, Design & Information Technology: T, G, F, P
  • Business: B
  • Community Services & Early Childhood Education: C
  • Construction & Engineering Technologies: T
  • Health Sciences: S, C
  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts: H
  • Preparatory & Liberal Studies: R, A


  • Diploma/Certificate/Advanced Diploma: 100s
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 300s
  • Postgraduate: 400s

Program statuses explained

When you visit Ontario Colleges, our Online Application System for international students, or our Program Availability page, you’ll see that each program is assigned a status to let applicants know if they can apply. We’ve defined these statuses below.

  • Open: The enrolment for this program is open, and applications are still being accepted.
  • Closed: This program is full for the defined start date.
  • Suspended: This program is currently not available to new applicants or first-year students. It may become available in the future.
  • Waitlisted: Applicants can still apply to this program; however, a waitlist has been established. If other applicants that are accepted decline their offer or fail to register, seats may become available.
  • Not Available: This program is not running during the defined start date.
  • Opens on X Date: This status indicates when the college will begin accepting applications.
  • Opening Soon: Applications for this program haven’t opened yet, and applicants are encouraged to check back regularly.
  • Continuous Open Enrolment: This typically applies to Distance Education programs that run all year, and applicants can start when they want.

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