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Application Questionnaire, Resume, Portfolio and Interview

Please ensure you read this ENTIRE page BEFORE submitting your Application Questionnaire, Resume, and Portfolio.

The following applies ONLY if you receive communication from the college stating that you are being considered for the next stage of the admission process (the divisional select process).

In order to evaluate your application for final admission, we would like to review an application questionnaire, resume, and portfolio of your work. Qualified applicants may also be invited for an interview.

You are asked to complete the Application Questionnaire form below and submit a resume and samples of portfolio work as described below.

1. Application Questionnaire Instructions

Complete the Application Questionnaire form below. It is designed to describe your future career objectives and intentions in the Concept Art for Entertainment program. It provides information to assist the Academic Review Committee in assessing your potential for success in the program.

The Application Questionnaire is to be completed solely by the applicant and should be written in English.

2. Resume Instructions

Attach your resume by providing a link to a web site, Microsoft Word or PDF document, or to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder containing your resume.

3. Portfolio Instructions

In the form below, include a link to a web-site, Google Drive or Dropbox folder containing samples from your personal portfolio.

A portfolio should display your talent and potential. It provides us with insight into your ability to follow instructions and organization.

Your portfolio should be oriented towards art (traditional and digital drawing) and should include at least 15 samples of your best work. It may include samples of life drawing, sketches, paintings, sculpture, photography, and digital art. Feel free to include photos of any art installations you may have created.

4. Interview

Upon review of your Application Questionnaire, Resume, and Portfolio, you may be invited to schedule an interview.


Your confidential results will be submitted by the School of Design to the Admissions Office upon review of your Application Questionnaire and Portfolio. The Admissions Office will then make a decision on your application and you will receive notification via email and by mail if you are successful. Please allow at least a week for the review and submission of your results to the Admissions Office. Please check stuview.georgebrown.ca (application summary page) for an update on your status. If you do receive an offer of admission, you should accept it on ontariocolleges.ca as soon as possible to reserve your seat in the program.

What is your educational background? List both institution and post-secondary credentials received.

Describe your academic history with specific reference to any experience in:

  • Visual Art (i.e. Life Drawing, Painting, Sketches)
  • Digital Art (i.e. Graphics, Image Manipulation, Digital Photography, Digital Video, 3D Art)
Outline your personal goals and career objectives as a concept artist