George Brown College becomes official college partner of the Toronto Raptors

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Toronto’s new duo stands ready to provide amazing educational opportunities, support learners in reaching their full potential and make a big difference in the community. 

George Brown College (GBC) will become the official college partner of the Toronto Raptors. The move is part of an exciting collaboration between the college and the Raptors that capitalizes on the strengths of these leading Toronto organizations. Together, GBC and the Raptors will leverage the universal language of sports to highlight the critical role of higher education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow in Toronto and around the world. 

“George Brown’s partnership with the Toronto Raptors represents an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between academic achievement and real-world experiences,” said GBC President Dr. Gervan Fearon. “It aligns perfectly with our college’s commitment to excellence, diversity, and success, and opens up a world of possibilities for our students – offering them a unique platform to engage with industry leaders, innovate and drive change.” 

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Partnership highlights

The partnership will provide incredible learning opportunities for GBC students in Sport and Event Marketing and other programs. The MLSE-GBC Speaker Series featuring MLSE executives, players and alumni will deliver exceptional insights into the sports industry and pathways to success for GBC students. 

GBC will also be the presenting sponsor of the MLSE LaunchPad Annual Research to Practice Symposium. The event brings together researchers, practitioners, and youth to find real-world solutions to common challenges. 

“We are excited to see the incredible opportunities this partnership will bring to our Raptors fans and the wider community,” said MLSE VP of Partnership Development & Strategy Julian Franklin. “Together with George Brown College, we look forward to continuing to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of leaders through these various community initiatives.” 

The potential to reach fans across Canada and around the world  

With Raptors fans proudly all over the globe, the team holds the attention of not only the city but also the entire country. This partnership has the potential to share the promise of Ontario post-secondary education with millions of people in Canada and around the world.