GBC x Cookin: a match made in meal-delivery heaven

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George Brown College has teamed up with Cookin, Toronto’s premier food delivery marketplace, to create an exciting student startup program. Through scholarship and mentorship, this partnership has empowered emerging culinary talents and entrepreneurs at George Brown College.  

After participating in a month-long competitive application process, our up-and-coming creators have curated menus for hungry consumers across Toronto. Every Monday until June 30, a different Culinary Arts student will launch their own virtual Cookin “storefront” to showcase their talents — and offer a variety of pickup and delivery meal options.

Please support our students by placing an order. Meals are available for pickup or for delivery by downloading the Cookin app.

Click on the individual menus below for more information about these offerings.

Our student-chefs describe their menus and inspirations 

L.E.A by Chit - May 6 to 10 

“With a lifelong passion for food and cooking, my career as a flight attendant has allowed me to explore diverse cuisines worldwide, sparking my curiosity for culinary traditions. Now, inspired by my travels, I'm eager to share the vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia with the people of Toronto."

Flavia’s Taste of Brazil - May 13 to 17 

“As a Brazilian cook, food is at the centre of my culture. Drawing inspiration from my grandmothers' traditional recipes, I'm dedicated to upholding the authenticity of Brazilian cuisine in every dish. With a menu that honours cherished family recipes and embraces wholesome ingredients, I strive to blend tradition with innovation for a truly unique dining experience.” 

Taste of Punjab by Sahil A. - May 21 to 24 

“Originally from Punjab, India, my culinary journey is a reflection of my roots. I embody that quintessential Indian trait - the belief that my home-cooked meals are better than any restaurant dish, yet always craving restaurant-made food. That's why I specialize in crafting authentic North Indian cuisine, blending homemade goodness with restaurant-style flair.”  

Beijinger’s Tastes by Leo Z. - May 27 to 31 

“As a native Beijinger, my love for traditional Chinese cuisine runs deep. However, my experiences traveling across the globe opened my eyes to the extension adaptation of Chinese food. My goal is to safeguard authenticity and recreate the true Chinese flavours through time-honoured culinary techniques. Join me in celebrating the diverse and rich tapestry of Chinese cuisine.” 

Christine’s Culinary Canvas - June 3 to 7 

“During the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020, I discovered my passion for cooking. With ample time at home, I experimented with diverse recipes each week, exploring new flavours and ingredients. Today, I'm excited to share my twist on Thai cuisine with my signature sweet chili chicken, served alongside fragrant coconut rice and crispy spring rolls.” 

In 7th Heaven Traditional Thai by Peeradon J. - June 10 to 14 

“My culinary journey started in my mother's kitchen, where I watched her prepare traditional Thai recipes. Since then, I've been passionate about cooking, exploring various cuisines through travel and work in different kitchens. Currently, I'm honing my skills at George Brown College, delving deeper into the culinary industry. Now, I'm excited to share the flavours of my upbringing with all of you.” 

Cucina Rustica by Siera V. - June 24 to 28 

“As a proud Canadian-Italian aspiring chef, I'm passionate about bringing the diverse flavours of Italy to life. From the earthy richness of Tuscan dishes to the fiery intensity of Calabrian cooking, each culinary tradition speaks to my soul. Through my dishes, I aim to share not just the taste of Italy, but also its warmth and hospitality. Join me in celebrating the traditions that shape my identity and inspire me every day.”

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