GBC President Dr. Gervan Fearon featured on the cover of CIO Views magazine

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A featured article in CIO Views magazine takes a deep dive into the uplifting and visionary leadership of George Brown College President Dr. Gervan Fearon. 

The piece explores the strategies, motivating forces, and successes that landed him on the cover of CIO Views’ The 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders to Follow in 2024 edition, released in May. 

“Beyond the glossy metrics of success garnered through a long career of post-secondary education leadership, Gervan’s journey is one revelatory of perseverance and empathy,” the article states. “From humble beginnings to the prestigious roles of his later career, his path has been paved with challenges, each one offering invaluable lessons in resilience and compassion.” 

Throughout his long leadership career in higher education, inclusion and innovation continue to drive his efforts. He’s passionate about shaping future leaders and considers the whole student experience to help learners meet their education and career goals. This means ensuring students receive the best possible academic experience and feel like they belong in a welcoming, supportive and inclusive campus community. 

“Positively influencing the leaders of tomorrow means supporting the students of today,” he said.