#WhyNotMe GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight - Chef Kitssada Khongnoon, Founder, Bear Pung

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Entrepreneur Spotlight

George Brown College helps produce entrepreneurs across every industry within our amazing city. startGBC is pleased to highlight entrepreneurs you can support within your day-to-day activities. As we bask in the glorious summer heat, be sure to check out the Smorgasburg Toronto food festival every Saturday on the waterfront and purchase some amazing traditional Thai desserts made by Chef Kitssada Khongnoon, founder of Bear Pung.

About Chef Kitssada Khongnoon

Chef Kitssada Khongnoon grew up in Thailand and loved the traditional Thai desserts and foods, that his family came together to eat. When Chef Khongnoon came to Toronto and enrolled in the School of Culinary Arts, he knew he wanted to bring his passion for infusing traditional Thai flavours with a modern twist into his Thai Desserts, appealing to a new generation wishing to discover the wonderful delights of Thai desserts.

Academic Background

Culinary Management Diploma at Humber College 2020 and Bachelor of Commerce Culinary Management George Brown College 2023

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I completed a placement with startGBC and learned about the various aspects of entrepreneurship and this made me want to become an entrepreneur.  I have worked for many restaurants and catering companies, but It was because of these opportunities I was exposed to I decided to launch my own business. It has been the most rewarding thing I have done and I love seeing others enjoy my passion for the products I craft and the delight they get from them. 

Why did you create your business?

I wanted people to experience true authentic traditional Thai desserts, full of flavour and textures that many will not be used to in Canada. I wanted to take traditional desserts and develop them using modern, exciting, and appealing flavour profiles and introduce them to a new market and generation.

What successes have you enjoyed so far with building your company?

Having the opportunity to be a vendor at the 2022 opening Smorgasburg Toronto food festival during 2022 and being asked to return in 2023.

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find your passion! I love making desserts, so don't stop doing what you love.

Website and Socials

Instagram: bearpungofficial