Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL – English) students shared their research across Canada during live stream event

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The 2023 graduating students in the Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL – English) program shared their research with people across Canada via live stream during the School of Deaf and Deafblind Studies' Research Symposium Day this month.  

The Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL – English) program is the first of its kind in Canada and demonstrates George Brown College’s innovative leadership in interpretation education.   

The 2023 Research Symposium featuring students from the Hons. Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL - English) program

Eight students presented their final capstone research projects at the event on April 17. Nearly 90 members of the Deaf community and interpreters joined the hybrid event, and friends, family, faculty and classmates gathered in person at the college. Students shared their research projects in pre-recorded bilingual formats, presented in American Sign Language with an English voice-over. 

"We congratulate our students on showcasing the work that emerging researchers can complete, contributing to the Canadian knowledge base," said Professor Dr. Debra Russell.  

"We look forward to seeing where your careers take you." 

Dr. Erin Wilkinson, a Deaf scholar and linguist at the University of New Mexico, delivered the keynote presentation. She is also an Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL – English) program advisory committee member. 

Student research topics, listed alphabetically by students' first name: 

  • Ashley Currie: Experiences Interpreting in Religious Settings 
  • Jenn Bulger: Interpreting in Substance Abuse Settings 
  • Keshia Sullivan: The Experiences of Black Deaf Canadians in Church   
  • Marllie Correia: Deaf-Nondeaf Teams 
  • Maryam Alwan: Muslim Deaf Experiences 
  • Nico Abad: Mentorship for Novice Interpreters 
  • Paige Concordia: Accessibility of Outdoor Education 
  • Sammi Greenspoon: Hiring Processes for Legal Interpreters