GBC students revolutionize sustainable fashion with the FOR TOMORROW hoodie

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Student wearing light blue FORTOMORROW hoodie

Imagine a new way of buying apparel that lets you track how a garment is made, keeps clothing out of landfills and gives you incentives for eco-conscious purchases. Now, you can buy a piece of the fashion future as we proudly launch the FOR TOMORROW hoodie, designed by George Brown College (GBC) students. 

This game-changing hoodie can be recycled and contains innovative features so you can rest easy knowing you’ve bought a sustainable item made by people working in safe conditions and earning fair wages. Thanks to a trailblazing partnership between GBC students, the Brookfield Sustainability Institute and the SIXR platform, you can buy this hoodie now.  

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Collaboration with SIXR 

The FOR TOMORROW hoodie is available on the SIXR app. Confirm your garment’s sustainability creds by scanning the QR code on the tag and SIXR will show you who made your hoodie, where and with what materials.  

SIXR aims to promote responsible fashion consumption using garment tracing technology, eco-conscious logistics and customer incentives. The FOR TOMORROW hoodie is the first product on the SIXR platform. 

Keep your hoodie out of the trash when you’re done wearing it. Simply scan that QR code on the tag and mail it back for recycling. And you can receive up to 12 per cent of the hoodie’s cost as an incentive for your sustainable fashion purchase.  

Not your Regular garment 

GBC fashion students didn’t rely on a run-of-the-mill process when designing this hoodie. They created the FOR TOMORROW collection at an innovation workshop and design competition hosted by the Brookfield Sustainability Institute.  

The goal was to lay the foundation for the future of circular apparel design, and they developed the following groundbreaking principles for sustainable fashion: 

  1. Minimize waste 
  2. Sustainable fibres 
  3. Physical and emotional durability 
  4. Design for disassembly 
  5. Just-in-time production 
  6. Equitable labour 

The FOR TOMORROW Hoodie is the manifestation of these six principles and will surely inspire other sustainable designs in the future. 

Learn about GBC’s School of Fashion and Jewellery. 

Exclusive Discount for GBC community 

George Brown College played a vital role in shaping the creation of the FOR TOMORROW hoodie. To acknowledge this, the team is extending a special pre-launch discount to the GBC community. This hoodie makes a great holiday gift. Sign up for the exclusive GBC early bird offer by November 14 for 50 per cent off! 

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