New degree for dental hygienists looking for a career shift to public health and other oral health care opportunities 

Student using a desktop computer

We're responding to changes underway in the oral health-care sector by launching a new degree completion program aimed specifically at dental hygienists. 

The one-year online Honours Bachelor of Science (Dental Hygiene) is the first degree completion program of its kind offered by an Ontario college. It's targeted at dental hygienists looking for opportunities outside of clinical practice in public health, policy, education and other areas in the oral health-care sector.  

"We expect many exciting new opportunities for dental hygienists outside clinical practice as the oral health industry grows," said Lisa Rogers, Chair of George Brown's School of Dental Health. "This new degree program sets dental hygienists up for roles in oral public health and policy, health care advocacy and other areas." 

The program starts in May 2023. It is delivered online synchronously (live) and asynchronously (self-paced). 

Responding to changes in the industry 

George Brown College continually develops new programs and adjusts existing ones to ensure they reflect changes in the industry.  

Change is underway in the oral health care sector, including the rollout of the Canada Dental Benefit. Access to oral health care continues to be a high priority for Canadians. 

Exciting new opportunities in the oral health sector  

Honours Bachelor of Science (Dental Hygiene) program graduates will be prepared to work within a collaborative health-care team. That includes working with individual clients, other health-care providers and the broader community on more complex health-care issues. 

Graduates of the program would also be eligible to pursue a master's degree in various areas, including health sciences, public health, health promotion, and others. (While graduates will be eligible to apply to various master's programs, they will be responsible for meeting the specified admission requirements for each program. Admission cannot be guaranteed.) 

The program is not designed to advance clinical skills and has no clinical component. Students interested in pursuing further clinical studies can apply to the two-semester Restorative Dental Hygiene (S400) program. 

"If you're passionate about access and equity issues with oral health care, this program is for you," said Program Coordinator Joanna Asadoorian. 

"The Honours Bachelor of Science (Dental Hygiene) program explores socioeconomic factors that affect oral health care outcomes. It provides analysis of oral health care through a holistic and social justice lens, and students develop the skills to advance and advocate for oral health equity."