Partnership with teachers’ college in Barbados brings exciting opportunities

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Erdiston Teachers' Training College officials at MoU signing

A new international partnership promises to provide great opportunities for students and faculty in George Brown College’s business and early childhood education programs.

We signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Erdiston Teachers’ Training College in Barbados on November 13, 2020, opening the door to study abroad opportunities for early childhood education students and faculty exchanges — virtual and physical (when it’s safe to do so) — as well as joint applied research opportunities and business data analytics activities.

George Brown leaders, including Dr. Cory Ross, VP, Academic, and Dr. Rick Huijbregts, VP, Strategy and Innovation, participated in the ceremony in Barbados via video conference.  


While COVID-19 has affected students’ and faculty members’ ability to travel, we continue to seek out new ways to prepare learners to be active and successful in the global economy.  

George Brown’s School of Early Childhood has longstanding international partnerships in China and Jamaica, and Ross said there's great excitement about working with colleagues in Barbados. He highlighted the potential of collaborative work with the Centre for Business to find new ways of teaching and learning using data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

“This MoU paves the way for our two institutions to engage in cutting-edge collaborative work that can be transformational,” Ross said.   

Dr. Sylvia Henry, Chairman, Board of Management, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, expressed her excitement about the possibilities this partnership brings. 

“The best collaborations create something bigger and better than the sum of what each institution can create on its own. May this partnership be enduring,” she said. 

Erdiston Teachers’ Training College is a constituent college of the University of the West Indies, which is another George Brown College international partner. 

Image: Officials from Erdiston Teachers' Training College at the MoU signing ceremony in Barbados on November 13, 2020. George Brown officials participated virtually.