George Brown College named #1 Research College in Canada for second time in three years

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George Brown College is the number one research college for 2017, as ranked by RESEARCH Infosource Inc.

TORONTO - Each year RESEARCH Infosource Inc. produces rankings of the top Canadian research institutions across universities, colleges, hospitals, and corporate research and development spenders. George Brown College achieved top results for Canadian colleges across various categories including first in research income, first in number of paid students in research, second for number of partnerships and second for number of completed projects.

"We're very proud of this accomplishment which marks the 10 year anniversary of Research and Innovation at George Brown College," says Dawn Davidson, Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation at the College. "More so, we're proud to contribute to Canadian prosperity by partnering with industry and community organizations on applied research which enhances our partners' competitiveness, efficacy and sustainability, while providing our talented students with problem-solving experience in real world contexts."

In 2016 and 2017 alone, George Brown College worked on 203 research projects involving 190 different partners, 1,747 student researchers and 128 research-active faculty. Through these projects, the college developed 176 prototypes, 26 product improvements and 53 new products. Previously, the Research and Innovation Office at George Brown garnered the top spot back in 2015, and this announcement establishes George Brown as Canada's top research college for the second time in three years.

"We're thrilled to congratulate George Brown College on this result", says Miriam Tuerk, CEO of Clear Blue Technologies and longtime partner of George Brown. "George Brown has consistently proven to be an invaluable applied research partner to a multitude of small- and medium-sized businesses and they have been critical to the success of our company. The opportunity to use the hardware and infrastructure of George Brown, as well as myriad of knowledge brought to these projects by the students and their faculty advisors, means that we were able to cost-effectively have an entire community help us build a product and be competitive."

About George Brown College Research and Innovation

Enabling the Innovation Economy - Looking at industry, faculty and students as equal players in the innovation-to-market cycle, the Office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College empowers our partners to take part in economically and educationally meaningful projects and collaborations that enhance local innovation and community well-being. Matching our industry partners with faculty expertise, the Office of Research and Innovation operates as the single hub of access to highly qualified and skilled personnel, state-of-the-art facilities and funding. Visit Research and Innovation for more information.

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