Key Request Form

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Issuance of Keys:

I acknowledge receipt of the key(s) described above. I understand that all keys are property of the College and it is a violation of College policy to duplicate or to have duplicated any key issued by the College. I further acknowledge responsibility and accountability for this key(s). I will report loss or theft of the key(s) to Public Safety & Security immediately and will return key(s) to my department head or Departmental Access Key Controller (DAKC) at time of leaving the department or College. I further agree to remain knowledgeable of and abide by the College’s Access Control policy while in possession of the key(s).

Return of Key(s)

The above key(s) has been returned to the Departmental Access Key Controller.

Issuance of Replacement Key(s)

The above key(s) have been lost or stolen. Replacement keys have been issued to the employee.