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2019-20 was a transformative year, both for George Brown College and the world around us. We kicked off the academic year with the launch of our new strategic plan, Imagining Possibilities: Vision 2030/Strategy 2022, which harnessed the bold thinking of our community to define the future of education at George Brown. The innovative, collaborative mindset outlined in this plan guided us throughout 2019-20 as we introduced new partnerships, state-of-the-art learning and research facilities, and new ways of teaching and learning.

But the real test for this mindset came in March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic required us to pivot to an alternative delivery model in just one week. Teams from across the college collaborated on innovative new ways of supporting the success and well-being of our students, while also finding ways to give back to our community. Although it’s been a challenging time for all Canadians, we’re proud of the resilience and adaptability shown by our community, as well as the impact our students, graduates, employees and partners continue to make on our city and our province. Here are some highlights from 2019-20.

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Strengthening Our Economy - Impact Report 2019-2020 - Students discuss an architectural model in a meeting room.


of George Brown students plan to work in the GTA after graduation, becoming the city’s nurses, early childhood educators,
entrepreneurs, construction managers, chefs, gerontology workers, business and community leaders, volunteers and more. [1]



of employers are satisfied with the George Brown graduates they’ve hired. [2]


George Brown


start-up entrepreneurs this
year through our
entrepreneurship hub,
These entrepreneurs...

A woman and a man discuss business.



new jobs

Two men stand at a 3D printer in the Maker Lab.



new products and services

A woman stands at a white board during a meeting.



in sales. [3]

Delivering Future Skills - Impact Report 2019-2020 - A woman wears a virtual reality headset.


of George Brown’s career-focused programs* included at least one experiential learning opportunity. [4]
*Excludes upgrading and preparatory programs.



students were engaged through entrepreneurship-related workshops, outreach events and activities this year. [5]

Work Shift logo


Listen to Work Shift

How are digital disruption, artificial intelligence and the gig economy shaping the future of work? And what does this mean for job seekers? Find out in George Brown’s podcast, Work Shift, which launched this year.

Supporting Our Partners - Impact Report 2019-2020 - A student works with industry partners at a laptop.


partners worked with George Brown’s Research & Innovation
team to design, prototype or test new products and services:



start-ups. [6]

Our applied research teams supported the development of:

Prototype logo - Impact Report 2019-2020



Products - Impact Report 2019-2020


new products

Services - Impact Report 2019-2020


new services. [7]

To learn more about partnering with George Brown on applied research, program development, work-integrated learning and more, visit our Partnership page.

Empowering Learners - Impact Report 2019-2020 - An instructor uses a touchscreen anatomy table with two students.
Open book - Impact Report 2019-2020




of students are the first in their family
to receive a post-secondary education. [8]

Students use the stairs at the School of Design.



More than




in funding for scholarships, programming, capital improvements and special projects was provided through the George Brown College Foundation.


scholarships were disbursed to students – the largest amount in our
Foundation’s history – with an average value of

$1,273 [9]

These scholarships and projects were made
possible by the generosity of our donors.

George Brown College at a Glance - Impact Report 2019-2020 - Students walk through the front doors of a campus building.

Student Enrolment 2019-2020

Full-time student icon


full-time students
(including 1,183 apprentices)

Part-time students icon


part-time students

Coned Students icon


Continuing Education

30% International students - Impact Report 2019-2020 - Students work at a laptop together.

Programs Offered

full-time programs icon




full-time programs


Full-time employees graph - Impact Report 2019-2020: Graph of full-time employees shows that George Brown has 1,447 full-time employees, including 662 support staff, 561 faculty and 224 administrative staff.
Part-time employees graph - Impact Report 2019-2020: Graph of part-time employees shows that George Brown has 3,674 part-time employees, including 1,273 support staff, 1,730 faculty, 64 administrative staff and 607 continuing education staff.

An employee helps a student in the computer lab.

George Brown was named one of
Greater Toronto’s Top 100
Employers for 2020

An employee helps a student in the computer lab.

Revenues & Expenditures 2019-2020

Operating Revenue by Source

Ontario Government$137M
Federal Government$4M
Student Fees$220M

Operating Expenditures

Salaries and
Supplies and
Other Expenses
Plant, Property and
Capital Amortization
Scholarships and
Total$405M [10]


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This Impact Report was designed by Graphic Design students Lee Jong and Christopher Ensoll,
as part of the experiential learning initiative at George Brown’s IN Design studio.