Volunteerism 101 - Mandatory Training for Volunteer Squad

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Davor Mamuzic

Volunteerism 101 - Mandatory Training for Student Life Volunteer Squad Members

Next mandatory Volunteerism training session. 

Date: Thursday, June 8th

Time: 11 AM to Noon OR 1 PM to 2 PM (Attend only 1 of 2 sessions)

Location: Zoom (Online)

About this event

The program is new and re-branded program called Student Life Volunteer Squad, formerly known as Student Leadership Academy (SLA)

Before you register, make sure you have already filled out the - Volunteer Squad Online Form

About the session:

Our next mandatory Volunteerism 101 training sessions will be held on June 8th, online.

If you want to know more about the volunteer program and the benefits of joining, then this session is important.

Students who volunteer will:

• Better understand Student Life Volunteer Squad - Program.

• Be introduced to the Code of Conduct and expectations.

• learn about your Rights and Responsibilities.

• Will learn to sign up for volunteer shifts.

A reminder to please be on time and ready to go at the start of the meeting - we have lots to cover in this session. Let's use this time wisely!