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To know Randy Johnson was to love him. He was a kind, attentive and caring individual, who was always curious about the world. 

During his professional career, he left an indelible legacy, designing and managing large-scale industrial design, signage, and wayfinding projects.

As a young man, Randy Johnson was a partner at Street Seats, an urban street furniture design and manufacturing company responsible for street furniture projects across Canada. He went on to become an indispensable Design Coordinator at Keith Muller and Associates Industrial Design for several years, where he refined his professional approach to Industrial Design.

Subsequently at Entro Communications, a world leader in the field of branding and environmental design, Randy worked for over 20 years with teams in the firm’s offices in Toronto, Calgary, New York, Sydney and Zürich. He developed placemaking, branding, product design, signage, wayfinding and donor recognition programs for museums, galleries, stadiums/arenas, academic institutions, parks, transit and civic facilities.

Randy Johnson was a pioneer in the emerging fields of Urban Wayfinding, combining graphic branding with Industrial Design and manufacturing.  Often embedded in teams of planners, architects and engineers, he was the indispensable bridge that brought creative ideas to reality.

To honour Randy’s memory at George Brown College, an award has been created in his name — The Randy Johnson Memorial Award. This award will support students enrolled at the School of Design at George Brown College, who demonstrate talent and passion for environmental graphic design and wayfinding. Our hope is that the award will carry on Randy’s legacy and  support students, encouraging them to explore and push the boundaries of design and its impact on the environment, as Randy did throughout his career.

100% of your donation will go to George Brown College students, no processing fees or administration fees will be applied to your gift. You will receive a tax receipt by email for donations made over $20.

For additional information, please contact Gabriella Goutam at the George Brown College Foundation at or 416-415-5000 ext. 3289.

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A photo of Randy Johnson