Locker Rental

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Locker rentals are available at the three main campuses to help store your textbooks, supplies, and personal items when on campus.

A Locker Administrator is available at St. James Campus Store, 200 King St. E.

Please note: Locker use unauthorized by the locker program will result in your lock being cut and belongings removed.

Services Offered:

  • Lockers are available at the three main campuses
  • Lockers are allocated by program, so they should be near where your classes are
  • You can rent a locker via STU-VIEW
  • The locker rental fee is $20.00 for one semester, $40.00 for two consecutive semesters, and $60 for three consecutive semesters

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Services Requirements:

The college endeavours to provide lockers for rent for all full-time students in locations as close as possible to their areas of study.

43.6512708, -79.3698075

200 King St. E.

Toronto ON M5A 3W8

200 King St. E.

Toronto ON M5A 3W8