Indigenous Student Advising & Counselling

“What we’re trying to do is connect students with their culture, their teachings and their history to support them in attaining their academic goals, but also along with that, supporting them spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.” - Bob Whiteduck Crawford, Indigenous counsellor

We know that in order to succeed academically, students need the support of family, friends and the community. Our counsellors and Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper can help you on your journey, whether it be academic, personal, emotional or spiritual guidance that you need.

Each student is treated as a beautiful individual who has unique talents, challenges and needs. Everyone who walks through our door is important and valued.

“We are there for the’s always for the student. The student comes first.” Pauline Shirt, Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper

“What is important is making students comfortable in this environment. Some bring cultural knowledge and practice, while others come to learn about it. We consider individual student needs and help them succeed.” Lori Budge, Coordinator of Indigenous initiatives & counselling

Student Success

Stacey Mauger, Career Advisor – Indigenous Education and Service Liaison

Stacey is French, Scottish and Mi’kmaw and is Marten Clan. Stacey can meet with you to help with anything Career Related including Resumes, Interviews, Job Search, Portfolios, LinkedIn, Career Planning and Exploration.  

Please reach out directly to Stacey at to set up an appointment.


Traditional Counselling with Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper

Traditional counselling is also available for students. Our Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper provides counselling using a holistic approach based on the Medicine Wheel teachings, traditional medicines, ceremonies and language.

Pauline Shirt, Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper

Pauline Shirt was born and raised in Saddle Lake Reserve, Alberta. She is greatly recognized for her commitment to the Toronto Indigenous community and for her dedication as a teacher and lecturer since the late sixties. A member of the Three Fires Society and the Buffalo Dance Society, Pauline Shirt is also a founder of the First Nations School and the Red Willow. Today, Pauline serves as a mentor to many Indigenous youth and young families as an experienced and trusted Grandmother. She also works in all levels of government conducting opening prayers and attending meetings; making sure the Indigenous community is positively recognized as she offers a voice for her people.

Please contact Jolene May at to learn more or book a time with our Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper.