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Ula Zukowska created her own label, Ula:She (www.ULASHE.com), which combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry. Her garments are sensual, effortlessly elegant, practical and wearable.

Ula:She uses rough fabrics, irregular shapes and unique scents to create a totally new vision of the attire as a whole. Designer Ula Zukowska combines rural and urban perceptions, and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provides inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of art installation.


Ula Zukowska has wonderful customers. “...Our clienteles are passionate about our products and we are passionate about our clienteles...”

For the past two years she is sharing her 25 years experience as a passionate teacher at Fashion Exchange. She is also part of George Brown College's faculty (Bridal & Evening Wear) and a mentor at the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation at Ryerson University (Design Zone).

Academic Credentials

BA, Structure Architecture Design, University of Silesia, 1983, Poland

Master’s Degree, Importance of Public Spaces in Residential and Commercial Architecture, University of Silesia, Poland, 1983

Areas of Specialization

Power Sewing

Garment Construction

Bridal and Evening Wear in Fashion Department

Areas of Expertise

Fashion Strategy

Product Development

Collection Planning

Runway Production

Marketing & Promotion

Career Highlights

2017-Present: Professor, Fashion Faculty, George Brown College

2015-Present: Teacher at Fashion Exchange, George Brown College

2016-Present: Mentor at J.F.Centre for Fashion Innovation in Ryerson University

2010-Present: Creative Director, ULA:SHE Inc. Canada

2004-2010: President, President and Creative Director, Y5 Inc. Canada

1995-2003: Vice President , Ula International Corporation, Canada

1990-1995: Fashion Designer, Ula Design, Toronto

1984-1989: Creative Designer, Miasto-Project, Poland

Other Activities

Advisor – Council for Client Relationships and Customer Experience, Conference Board of Canada.

Board Member – Human Capital Executive Research Board, Market intelligence Arm of Talent Management and Diversity Education.


Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award, George Brown College, 2012

Gold Medal for Entrepreneurship, MBA program, University of Toronto, 1997

Nominated for iBBA/BBA Teaching Award 2008

Nominated for iBBA/BBA Teaching Award 2007