Kizzy Rodney, Associate Vice-President, External and Community Relations

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Kizzy Rodney, Associate Vice-President, External & Community Relations
Kizzy Rodney
Associate Vice-President, External and Community Relations


As Associate Vice-President, External and Community Relations, Kizzy Rodney leads the development and execution of external and community relations initiatives that strengthen George Brown College's presence in communities across the Greater Toronto Area and Canada. She builds mutually beneficial partnerships towards generating social and economic benefits in communities and industry sectors that align with the college's strategic goals. Her work focuses on facilitating access to the college's assets, resources and capacity to address community challenges and promote community growth and development by seizing opportunities. Positioning George Brown College as a community-engaged campus creates impact at all levels — personal, social, environmental, and educational — leading the way in creating bridges from the college to the community to employment.   

Currently, Kizzy oversees community engagement activities related to a number of strategic projects that drive value into local communities, create conditions of economic success for individuals, and support the economic growth of Toronto.    

Since joining the college in 2006, Kizzy has held progressive leadership positions, including Operations and Research Manager at the Community Partnerships Office, Strategic Development Manager in the division of Academic and Student Affairs, Director of the Community Partnerships Office, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Grants, and Director of External and Community Relations. In addition, she taught at George Brown's School of Work and College Preparation and the School of Continuing Education. She was also an administrative representative on the George Brown College Board of Governors. Kizzy became AVP, External and Community Relations in 2023.  

Before joining the college, Kizzy worked with the University of Windsor to coordinate community-based research projects about social justice and poverty reduction, focusing on immigrants and people experiencing homelessness. She also founded a life coaching and professional development company. 

As a volunteer for the Black Business and Professional Association, Kizzy provided advertising and marketing support. In addition, she was a community engagement board member for Business in the Streets, a community-focused charity providing practical business training and mentorship for equity-seeking young people.  

Kizzy earned a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Windsor and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University. She also received her life coaching certification from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching.