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John Amendola


John Amendola joined the faculty at George Brown College in 2012 after a twenty-year career in Retail Management. He holds a graduate degree from the School of Management and Economics at Guelph University, specializing in leadership studies. Through his retail experience John has demonstrated success in leading personnel through complex structural change, including a corporate buyout, the realignment of compensation strategies, and transitioning employees to a new corporate culture. Since joining the faculty of Business at St. James Campus John has delivered courses in Retail Management, Professional Selling, Social Relations, and Marketing. Also teaching at the Casa Loma Campus, John has delivered courses in Fashion Management program. Outside of academia John enjoys the great outdoors, skiing, and boating with his wife and three children. 

Academic Credentials

M.A. School of Management and Economics, Leadership Studies, Guelph University

Areas of Specialization

Retail Management

Business Ethics

Strategic Management

Emotional Intelligence 

Areas of Expertise

Leadership theory

motivation theory




sales promotion


and managing cultural change.