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What happens if I fail a course?


Proactive Action

If you believe you may not successfully complete a course you are currently enrolled in, please proactively discuss your options with your program coordinator or instructor in your Academic Division.

Retaking a Course

If you fail a course you may be able to retake it at a later date. Fees will be assessed for courses that are being repeated. Please connect with your Academic Division for advising from your program support officer, program coordinator, or instructor to set up special timetable for registration


Failing a course may impact you being promoted to the next semester. Failed grades are calculated in your GPA, if you repeat the course and achieve a passing grade, the failing (or lower) grade is excluded from the GPA calculations. The passing (or higher) grade is included in the GPA calculations. Failing a course(s) can also impact your tentative graduation date and student loans. For implications on OSAP, please be sure to speak with Financial Assistance.

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