Conservatory Actor Training Auditions

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George Brown Theatre invites you for Theatre Program Auditions

In order to qualify for an audition, apply through the Ontario Colleges Application Service

For all theatre program inquiries, contact: 416-415-5000, ext. 2167 or 1-800-265-2002


All potential students must apply through the Ontario College Application Service (


Entrance into the three-year, professional, actor-training course (P104) is based on a recorded audition submission and/or interviews.

All applicants who meet the College’s requirements for post-secondary study will receive an audition invitation. Due to COVID-19, we are requesting SELF-TAPE auditions for the first time, followed up by a scheduled, online video-conference interview. Auditions take place until the end of October for this year’s January (Winter) start date.

Audition Requirements

Potential students are to present two contrasting monologues and one song. Both the monologues and the song must be memorized.


  • two contrasting monologues: one chosen from the classical repertoire
  • i.e. 1575-1700, the other contemporary i.e. after 1900
  • the monologues MUST be from published plays (stories, poetry, movies, TV or self-written material is not acceptable)
  • monologues must not exceed 1½ minutes each
  • the monologues should be of a contrasting nature to show two different sides of your personality


  • the song can be from any repertoire
  • you will be singing without accompaniment.

Audition Fee

There will be a $50.00 audition fee, payable when you arrive on the day of your audition. We only accept cash or money order (personal cheques and credit cards are not acceptable and we do not have a debit machine). Students who arrive without the fee will not be able to audition.