Alumni Stories – Darryl Rahim

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Architectural Technology - T109

Graduated 2006 

"One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the design and planning sector of the construction industry is definitely the final outcome of your hard labour – the construction of your project. Seeing a design that you worked on come to life is definitely a great experience!" explains Architectural Technology graduate Darryl Rahim, who is currently employed at Bregman and Hamann in downtown Toronto.

"Some of the most valuable experiences I had at George Brown included working collaboratively in the many group projects that were part of the curriculum.  Such group endeavours helped to prepare me for what I now encounter on a daily basis - working with clients, collaborating with my peers, and organizing my time effectively. "

"The architectural office is typically a fast-paced environment involving a high level of organizational skills, proper time management, as well as joint collaboration and planning. The level of organization that is required in order to complete group projects in the classroom effectively is just as important in the office environment."

"As I mentioned previously, the hands-on, technical experience that I received at George Brown definitely helped to prepare me for the ‘real world’.  I was able to start my first job and feel confident understanding what was being given to me and knowing that I could handle the work."

Education never stops for Darryl, who is now a full-time student at Ryerson University in their Bachelor of Architectural Science degree program. "My primary goal at the moment is to finish my Bachelor's degree, obtain as much work experience as I can during the summer, and take some time to travel.  I'm also keen on home renovations and would like to try my hand at real estate and flipping residential properties, eventually turning it into my own small business.