Healthy Campus Initiative

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A whole-campus approach to fostering mental health and well-being at George Brown College

There's a new way of thinking about mental health at George Brown College.

Mental health is as important to our well-being as our physical health – and the two often overlap! We all benefit from creating a supportive campus climate that understands mental health and well-being as essential elements of student success and learning.

How can we work together to create a whole campus that supports whole students, in all of the complexity of their lives?

How do we make sure that all students are supported throughout all stages of their college experience?

The Healthy Campus Initiative is a framework supported by Student Affairs for creating a college environment where all students can thrive. It's about building knowledge, starting new projects, and sharing skills across the college to create a culture of care and support among students and staff.

To learn more about what's been happening as part of the Healthy Campus Initiative, read the most recent Healthy Campus report called 'Toward a Healthy Campus Community: A College-Wide Initiative'. An executive summary version of this report is also available.