Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language English) (C302) - Screening Sessions

All applicants to the Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language English) (C302) are required to go through a screening of their English and ASL skills.

Mandatory Online Screening Session

To book your screening session, please register by contacting the program coordinators: Corene Kennedy and/or Rhondda Reynolds. You are required to complete this half day screening session during which assessments of your spoken English*, American Sign Language (ASL), pre-interpreting skills and paraphrasing abilities along with an online interview are conducted by faculty.
At your screening session, you will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of your OCAS application
  • A letter of reference from a Deaf person. The reference may be in a Word document or an ASL video letter, which can be sent to the program coordinators listed at the bottom of this letter
  • Have a set of earbuds or headphones as one of the assessments requires this equipment. *Note: not applicable for Deaf applicants
  • A completed program questionnaire regarding your background and your experience learning ASL and your understanding of interpreting. Please download the C302 Applicant Questionnaire here and email your completed questionnaire to both Corene Kennedy (ckennedy@georgebrown.ca) and Rhondda Reynolds (rreynolds@georgebrown.ca)

Contact: Corene Kennedy at  ckennedy@georgebrown.ca or Rhondda Reynolds at  rreynolds@georgebrown.ca

There are no sessions scheduled at this time, check back soon for more dates.