Imagining possibilities: Vision 2030, Strategy 2022

  • strategy 2022 header imageThe future of George Brown College presents a range of exciting possibilities as we prepare students for a world of constant change—as economic transformations, climate change, urbanization and disruptive technologies continue to shake up established industries.

    We've formulated a long-term perspective and vision that will guide us toward the George Brown College of 2030, and, at the same time, ensure that we deliver on the strategy to take us to 2022.

    • Why we do what we do

      Turn learning into opportunity.
    • How we do it

      We create the optimal conditions for learners to realize their success by offering an exceptional learning ecosystem.
    • The impact we have

      Empowered lifelong learners who imagine possibilities and embrace change.

    George Brown College of 2030

    The George Brown of 2030 is bold and transformed. It is:

    • Highly personalized
    • Physical, digital and experiential
    • Focused on lifelong learning
    • Connected to industry and community partners
    • Locally strong, globally connected
    • Differentiated
    • Resilient

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    2022 Strategic Commitments & Priorities

    Future Skills

    Deliver learning experiences that prepare learners for future and global skills.


    1. Embed the human skills framework across the learning experience.
    2. Advance and expand accessible and high-quality experiential learning.
    3. Enhance cultural sensitivities and capabilities (internationalization) of the learner and employee experience.


    Build interconnected partnerships with institutions, industry & community.


    1. Develop partnerships with employers and industry to increase career relevancy for learners through co-creation and collaboration.
    2. Increase impact with enhanced industry-led research and innovation.
    3. Build expansive lifelong learning ecosystem with new and emerging academic and institutional partnerships.

    New Ways of Teaching & Learning

    Raise the standard of the learner experience and expand the variety of delivery models.


    1. Optimize the learner's blended learning experience (digital, physical, experiential) with next-generation teaching and learning methods.
    2. Build personalized models for learning experiences.
    3. Explore and test new delivery models and revenue generating opportunities.

    Foundations for Success

    Focus on fundamentals to help anticipate, absorb and manage change.


    • HUMAN CENTRED. Utilize the expertise of our people, emphasizing innovation capabilities and improving digital fluency.
    • DIGITAL. Enhance data-driven decision making with analytics and introduce digital innovations to optimize how we work, teach and learn.
    • INDIGENIZATION. Deliver on Colleges and Institutes Canada's Indigenous education protocols and implement a framework for action and accountability.
    • SUSTAINABILITY. Develop behaviours, actions and policies that lead to environmental, financial and social sustainability.
    • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Deliver continuous improvements and streamlined processes, and address infrastructure gaps to reflect new realities and empower our teams.