We encourage you to work with your manager(s) to assess your area and fill out the Office Space Remediation form with as much detail as you are able to provide. The form will be circulated to managers via email. Once completed, please email to Mark Sear and Eva Ponce.

Please Note: The ITS team requires 2 weeks to assess and re-image your technology. Please ensure that you look at your scheduled return to campus date, and provide this information to Mark Sear and Eva Ponce and team with ample time for the work to be completed.

Unless you are from 500 MacPherson or 200 King Street, you will be going back to the same space you used before.

Employees should bring their George Brown laptops/devices to use during the days they are assigned to be on-campus.

Devices can safely and securely connect to the wifi at any campus locations and users can access all their files through OneDrive.

Ports are being brought back one at a time:

In order to continue to safely build back our systems, we are currently enabling one port at a time.

This means that systems that need to be hardwired into the network (not using wi-fi) will be given a dedicated port where only their device will work.

  • Devices NOT assigned to that port will NOT be functional.

As a result, permanent and semi-permanent locations will NOT be able to be used as ‘touch-down’ stations.

Data from on-campus desktops will be kept for crucial work.

If you are requesting that data be saved from devices that are on-site, an assessment will be made as to what type of data is on file. If the data is CRUCIAL for the job requirements, then all efforts will be made to restore it.

Please note: A desktop will NOT be restored to retrieve personal content.

Desktops on-site will ONLY remain if they are shared computers.

Areas that share desktop computers, such as front-facing student service counters, will be remediated and will be ready for use.