Manager's Toolkit

Moving to a hybrid workforce

Moving to a hybrid workforce will require significant change management for your department and team.

Managers and their teams will need clear communication, with continuous support and regular check-ins to help manage this change. We know that adopting new ways of working will be an iterative process and the change will take time to get right.

But creating a plan in conjunction with your teams will be essential in making sure that you are successful at every step of the way. Check in with your teams on how you’re delivering your services to assess how plans are working, identify roadblocks or gaps, and together work towards a solution.

The Return To Campus Workbook

The Return to Campus Workbook is an optional tool to help managers map roles within their teams and provide guidelines regarding best practices and number of days on campus based on their work responsibilities. This workbook will enable managers to make decisions around how work will be completed in Winter 2022 and beyond — on campus or in a hybrid manner — that is in the best interest of our students and college community.  

We highly encourage managers to meet with individuals and teams to ensure that all employees understand how decisions were made, including the rationale behind the level of flexibility (which is based on service delivery, the role and the individual’s preference). 

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Planning Tools & Support


Due to ongoing restoration work in-response to the cyber-security incident earlier in 2021, computers and equipment in all offices and work areas are not available for immediate use. The priority for these devices to be remediated will be based on confirmed dates of return to campus.


Unless you are from 500 MacPherson or 200 King Street, you will be going back to the same space you used before.
Employees may continue to use their previously assigned cubicles, offices and workspaces when on-campus in January, however, these spaces will be temporary as the college is currently undergoing an extensive space planning and design process. 

Future of Work

The Future of Work (FoW) initiative seeks to develop a framework to support our organization’s ongoing transition to a new model of hybrid working. Learn more about how we will reimagine and rebuild our spaces in 2022 and beyond.