Program Availability

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  • Refer to the full-time program guides below to learn which George Brown College programs are still accepting applications for the upcoming academic years.

    International students, please visit the Program Availability for International Students page  for more information.

    Full-time Program Availability:

    Full-time program definitions:

    Apprenticeship: A form of job training that enables you to learn by doing. As an apprentice you work under the supervision of a person skilled in the job you wish to learn. That individual teaches you how to do the work. As part of all apprenticeships, there is an in-school educational component.

    Distance: George Brown College has students from all over the world studying with us online through distance education.

    Certificate: Programs that require the completion of two semesters (one year) of study.

    • Pre-program certificate programs offer courses for career exploration or to qualify for further study in diploma programs at George Brown.
    • Postgraduate certificates provide specialized training for students who have already earned a post-secondary credential.

    Degree: An honours bachelor’s degree is an eight-semester (four years) program of study.

    Diploma: Regular diploma programs require the completion of at least four semesters (two years) of study. An advanced diploma requires six semesters (three years) of study.

    Postgraduate: Building on knowledge and experience gained through previous post-secondary study, postgraduate certificates require a university degree or diploma for admission.

    What is field education?

    The majority of George Brown College qualifying programs offer field education opportunities. These placements can vary in length and provide students with the experience of working and learning with employers in related industries within the academic year. These placements give students the chance to relate in-school training with real-world work experience.

    Who is a full-time Student?

    Full-time status for a student is defined as taking 60 per cent or more of a full course load. The average program has five to six courses per semester, which works out to 15-20 hours per week. At George Brown College, full-time programs are offered during the day and lead to certificates, diplomas or degrees.